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I'm Boris Böhne, a Drupal Developer based in Sindelfingen, Germany (near Stuttgart). In the Drupal world I'm also known as drubb.
I've started my professional career back in the 80s, with ancient languages like PL/1 or Assembler on IBM mainframes. But since 2006, I'm in love with Drupal and focusing on Drupal web development, mainly backend stuff.
Besides that I love playing with new stuff and trying out things, so I've gained multiple experiences e.g. with Linux administration, hosting platforms and deployment (e.g. Ansible), container technologies like Docker or LXC, and even Javascript frameworks like Vue.js.
Solid work requires solid tools, so i'm used to stuff like Composer, Git, Sass, Gulp, PhpStorm, Docker, Redmine, just to name a few.

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Drupal is the open source content management framework of my choice. It offers incredible flexibility powered by a large community to solve every kind of requirement for your web site. In fact this community is awesome and unique, there's even a slogan expressing this:

"Come for the software, stay for the community"

So I had to stay, naturally.

Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.


Over the years, I've created or contributed to more than 100 web projects based on Drupal. My customers are mostly small businesses and agencies, but there are also schools, doctors, lawyers, concert organizers or radio stations.

I started as a Drupal site builder, meanwhile I'm mainly doing module development or consulting.


The DrupalEurope group photo in front of the venue

I love attending Drupal community events, like local Meetups, Drupal Camps, Drupal Developer Days or the big ones like DrupalCon or DrupalEurope.

The community is what makes Drupal so great: thousands of people worldwide working together on their vision, friendly and open-minded.

I've made friends from many countries meanwhile, and it's always great to meet again in new, exciting places all around Europe.

You're welcome, too!


Photo: DrupalEurope 2018 Darmstadt, Germany
Official group photo by Josef Dabernig / amazee labs

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Boris Böhne
Lange Straße 23
71063 Sindelfingen

[email protected]

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